Does Lifeline Direct accept insurance?
No, we do not accept any forms of insurance or medicare/medicaid. At Lifeline Direct, we focus on providing products at the lowest prices for the uninsured and underinsured.

What components are required to have a complete Dexcom system?
A transmitter, sensor and receiver (or compatible device/smart phone for G5 and G6).

What devices can be used as a receiver for the G5 and G6?
Dexcom maintains a list of devices that are compatible with the Dexcom G5 App and Dexcom G6 app depending on which system you use. You can find the compatibility list at https://www.dexcom.com/faq/what-devices-and-software-are-compatible-dexcom-cgm-apps

Is the Dexcom transmitter and sensor safe for use in the water?
Yes, Dexcom transmitters and sensors are water resistant. Showering, bathing, swimming, etc, are all supported although you may not receive accurate readings and alerts while actively submerged. Readings and alerts will go back to normal operation once the components are dry.

How long do the refurbished transmitters last?
The refurbished transmitters last the same amount of time as new transmitters. A G5 and G6 transmitter will last for just over 3 months and will need to be replaced or refurbished at that time. We provide a 90-day limited warranty similar to the warranty of a new transmitter on our refurbished transmitters.